Assessment of atmospheric pressure

This section is devoted to a possibility of use of the temperature profile measured by the MTP-5 for assessment of atmospheric pressure.

  1. In each point where the MTP-5 takes measurements, according to
    Barometric Formula we will determine a profile of atmospheric pressure by the known temperature profile. For this we will use a full barometric formula of Laplace. This formula considers not only temperature, but also change of gravity with the geographic latitude and height, and also humidity of air.
  2. Laplace's formula has the following appearance :
        (1), where :
    h2 - h1 - difference of heights in meters between the top and lower level,
    m - average temperature according to Calvin, equal to an arithmetic average to their value at two levels,
    qm - mass fraction of water vapor (earlier specific humidity) equal to an arithmetic average to their value at two levels,

    hm - arithmetic average value of height,
    - geographic latitude, degree,
    P2 P1 - atmospheric pressure at the top and lower levels.
  3. To use Laplace's formula, it is necessary to define entry conditions.
    As entry conditions we will use the standard conditions. Necessary data can be taken from the table.

     Height, m  Temperature, o Atmospheric pressure, Pa  Relative humidity,% 

  4. Thus, having applied this formula to each value of temperature at all heights and for every moment of measurement, we will receive a required profile of atmospheric pressure.

On the basis of this formula the program counting a profile of atmospheric pressure has been made. Besides, this program allows to calculate and other characteristics. In more detail...

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assessment of atmospheric pressure of MTP-5