Assessment of relative humidity at the heights from 0 to 1000 m

This section is devoted to one more possibility of use of the MTP-5 device. Since the MTP-5 device gives a high-rise profile of temperature, on the basis of this profile it is possible to estimate a profile of relative humidity.

Relative humidity is calculated by the formuls (1), (4) works of V.V. Minyaev "Calculation of parameters of the atmosphere taking into account humidity of air". Relative humidity at initial height we will take from a meteorological station WXT520.

In the section Humidity online you can choose date and look at a profile of relative humidity in the territory of the CAO (Dolgoprudny of the Moscow region).

In the section MTP-5 & Sonde is given the comparative analysis the values of relative humidity received by means of the MTP-5 and from the Sonde (Dolgoprudny of the Moscow region).

By known relative humidity, the absolute can be calculated by the following formula : (Click)

relative humidity

calculation of relative humidity

calculation of relative humidity from height

dependence of relative humidity from height

profile of relative humidity

assessment of relative humidity of MTP-5